Apparently I may have better stats not playing the baseball blogging game than some players who play the actual game. I haven’t been on here much but it seems this week was quite busy for me. I only noticed this when I recieved my weekly email from sitemeter that I never look at but decided to this time. I got better stats when I don’t blog then when I do. The moral of this story to baseball… if you don’t care as much you’ll do better. That doesn’t always work so I should tell that to every opposing team for the Yankees.



I haven’t blogged on here since January I think. Not much to say really except my blog subject has changed to Hello Kitty. I’ve been blogging on her for about a year now. But Hello Kitty did collaborate with my favorite team the New York Yankees in Japan with a Hello Kitty plush and she’s a big part of baseball over there. There’s no place like home…….




I do have to say that some of the japanese baseball teams have the weirdest names. The Swallows…. and so on.


I was looking something up involving baseball and found this sight and realized that it belonged to me! lol. Then realizing I haven’t blogged anything since last year I decided to see if I still remembered my sign in. Of course I did! But I haven’t forgotten that the Yankees won the World Series. I told my other half before the win that they haven’t won in 9 years or so and he said that’s pretty spoiled thinking. Well what do you expect.


Baseball cards should not look like this. I don’t care what anyone says. This is not a test shot for Playgirl or the damn sauna. But some ball players feel the need to go the extra mile for a baseball card that usually ends up in the trash or piles of bubble gum on them. 



Like Rico Suave here or aka Juan Agosto from the St Louis Cardinals.





Even one hit wonder Gerardo knows better.


Baseball cards are supposed to look something like this…


Or this…






So I signed off not planning on blogging about anything but a great discussion has come to my attention about some of the women in history playing in sports with the men and it got me thinking about when we will see the first female MLB player. I mean playing in the big leagues not just some lower level team. Now I heard that there is some kind of block that prohibits women from playing in Major League Baseball but I have to tell you that sounds like discrimination. If the right girl came along she would knock that rule out of the park. Baseball seems to be the last sport that has not had a women playing in. Some people have said that a girl would not be good enough EVER but lets take a look at current women in sports who surpass that theory. Danica Patrick for one. Or Katie Hnida who played for New Mexico in definately the most unlikely sport.. football. She is the only girl to have scored in a NCAA devision. Guess she couldn’t do it, huh?





Well I decided to take a break writing a blog on here because honestly who reads it anyway. I pretty much went on strike. But I decided to check in and realized some of my blogs, ok maybe 1 or 2, are kind of a strike. translation… THEY STINK. The one about the dollhouse which I will delete right after this blog so you don’t feel the need to look and say “yeah that one was kinda lame”. I was having bloggers block and could not come up with anything good to write so I had to write something stupid instead of not showing up. Maybe it was just a reason to say Tino Martinez was my favorite player but I could of just said that but being the low key person that I am I had to resort to being really lame. I have been gone so long now I forgot how to use some of these links here. Has Spring Training started yet?


I do have to admit some of my other posts are not so bad. At least I think.  




JK about ST. I still know what is going on in the world. geese! LOL


I am pretty late on this but I want to congratulate my favorite country Japan on winning the World Baseball Classic. I know being in the USA I should be voting for my country and shame on me for this but…. too bad!  I love that country and hope to visit it someday and see how they do baseball. It’s the second for them… kinda like the Yankees USED to be. No seconds for you!  You can be excused from the table now. No really I was for both teams. If the USA won I would of congratulated them to.. well………. ok yeah I would have.


(Please no nasty comments, lol)




I’m back with a new confession! Not from me but from A……. rod! I brought up in a previous blog about all the confessions going on lately starting with a favorite book “Confessions of a She Fan”. This party does not end! Arod is confessing he may be full of himself. Duh! Like we don’t know that already.


At least he could of included the local priest in those pictures like this confessor. Or maybe not. He’s too old.

 But you can’t reach everyone in their pursuit of cleansing themselves.